Not Everything Can Be Fixed!

Helpers are not too good at asking for help, which is very ironic! Michelle While I listen to the birds sing on day 14 of my new place in Jamaica, I can’t help but to wonder what they are saying to one another. I am especially curious because as a comparison to humans, in the…


The HSP and Digital Media Literacy

Do any of these images ring familiar? Strike maybe, a nerve or two? Maybe not? But if you have discovered that you are a bothered or feel overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through so much information through news and social media outlets then maybe you are a Highly Sensitive Person or, an HSP. For…

Journaling Jamaica

Day 5 in my new officially official 😊 house in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica. The smells of burning at nights and in the morning are just as familiar as the coffee churning every morning in downtown Jacksonville from the Maxwell House coffee plant. The coffee smells each morning from the Hubbard Street house were only…


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About Me

Hello, I am Michelle, or MsMichelleA or Coach, but I do love all things people just going through a different season right now…finishing my graduate degree and will take some sabbath time and time to build my personal and very near and dear to me foundation! Restoring What the Locusts Have Eaten!, The Lundy Foundation in partnership with my new founded business Zenplicity Coaching and Consulting, Inc. I look forward to seeing comments and getting to know each of you.

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